NDF Strategy

National Development Fund’s Strategy

The National Development Fund’s strategy enables NDF to become a development financial institution (DFI) which aims to make it a main enabler for the social and economic Vision 2030 objectives through working towards the real-world challenges in alignment with the best practices and enabling its role in the development financial institutions’ entity as a whole to pave the way for long term ambitions.

The fund’s strategy is founded based on an ambitious vision for the future to become a distinguished international brand in developmental financing through integrating and synergizing between its partners to empower the economic transformation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Strategic Pillars

Orchestrate Development Support

Enable KSA’s National Agenda by orchestrating availability of development financing through NDF’s Supervised Entities to support beneficiaries.

Ensure Sustainability at NDF level

Guide the Supervised Entities to achieve a sustainable business model and portfolio to optimize their developmental impact.

Enable Private-sector Funding & Participation

Enable the private sector to unlock incremental capital and leverage business & operational synergies to better serve beneficiaries.

Enhance Ecosystem Impact and Efficiency

Introduce measures to drive performance and transparency and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Develop Top-tier Institutional Capabilities

Develop required internal capabilities to deliver aspirations.


Strategic Objectives

Ensuring comprehensive and coordinated coverage.

Maximizing developmental impact through optimized capital allocation.

Developing robust capital sourcing and funding mechanisms.

Promoting sustainable financing practices.

Increasing private sector financier appetite to finance target segments.

Leveraging synergies with private sector.

Driving performance and transparency.

Improving ecosystem efficiency and effectiveness.

Building internal capabilities.

Contributing to thought leadership.

Strategic Initiatives

Assess developmental ecosystem challelnges and develop needed corrective measures.


Establish a mechanism to baseline and continuously assess and monitor impact (NDF Impact Assessment Methodology) (GC).


Identify opportunities to enhance existing Funds & Banks’ market coverage and increase collaboration.


Develop model to consolidate capital at NDF level (GC).


Assess and detail an infrastructure financing solution focusing on participation of private sector financiers (National Infrastructure Fund) (GC).


Strategic Sectors




Real estate

Human Resources


Export and Import

Small and Medium Enterprises